Mansionization Update

I’ve been working to stop mansionization in my Los Angeles neighborhood for five years.  Last week, we had a substantial victory, as Paul Koretz, our councilmember, publicly announced a serious proposal.  Our local paper covered the announcement and published my response:

Kudos to the Beverly Press and to Tim Posada for giving mansionization the coverage it deserves.

Paul Koretz’s handling of the mansionization issue is a simple case of a public official doing the job he was elected to do.  That this is newsworthy is a sad commentary on the state of contemporary politics.  Nevertheless, Councilman Koretz deserves credit for identifying an issue of public concern and responding to it.

A simple walk through the Beverly Grove neighborhood confirms what the councilman’s survey makes abundantly clear:  mansionization threatens the integrity, livability, and beauty of the Beverly Grove neighborhood.

McMansions subvert the long-term interest of the community in favor of the short-term, economic interests of developers and realtors.  In the end, homeowners pay the price as neighborhoods degrade.  Councilman Koretz is to be applauded for standing with homeowners in a political climate that is usually far too deferential to unfettered development.

Jason Neidleman

Beverly Grove homeowner