Honors 205: How Should We Live?

PLSC 100: Introduction to Political Science

HIST 102: World Civilization 1500-the Present

PLSC 301: American Government and Politics

PLSC 304: Contemporary Legal Issues

PLSC/PHIL 371: Classical Political Philosophies

PLSC/PHIL 373: Modern Political Theory

PLSC/PHIL 373: Modern Political Theory (Module)

PLSC 378: American Political Thought

PLSC 407: Constitutional Law

PLSC 407: Constitutional Law (Module)

PLSC/HIST 409 The Art of Politics: On Preserving and Enlarging Power in Democratic Times

PLSC 416: State and Local Politics

PLSC/HIST 469: The Modern Middle East

PLSC 475 Contemporary Political Theory

PLSC/HIST 499: Senior Seminar